The right pattern for any application

ERK Tubes applications can either be purchased from us as textured semi-finished products including a design sketch of the apparatus for customers with in-house production or, if required, as turnkey apparatuses.

     We offer three ERK Tubes products, differing in manufacturing and effect:

ERK® Tubes-makro

To manufacture  ERK Tubes-makro, smooth-bore tubes are reshaped to form evenly positioned, macroscopic dimples in the tube wall, thus creating strong turbulence in the flow medium, considerably increasing the heat transfer at the inner tube wall.

     Pattern shape, depth, spacing and offset can be variably fitted to arrive at the needed properties.

     Macro patterns can be applied to any ductile (malleable) materials.  ERK Tubes-makro is especially suited for different kinds of steel as well as copper, titanium et al.

ERK® Tubes-mikro

For ERK Tubes-mikro copper or nickel microstructures are applied on the outer tube surface with ion beam lithography and micro electroforming. These microstructures form a metal structure of micro needles conjoined with the tube, variable in height, diameter, approach angle and areal density.

     Boiling surfaces with micropin profiles produce an extremely high bubble concentration per unit area, even at low propelling forces of the temperature gradient. ip tube-mikro is used predominantly with steel, stainless steel and copper tubes.

ERK® Tubes-mikro + makro

Heat transfer is further improved by combining  macro and micro structures. The macrostructure makes a higher inner thermal flow possible, conveyed to the outer tube surface by the micrstructure. Tests show, that at an unchanged propelling force of the temperature gradient, the thermal flow is increased by a factor of six compared to smooth-bore tubes.

     below: ERK Tubes-mikro + makro tube bundle as working fluid evaporator for organic media


ip tube is carried out in diverse shapes depending on purpose of application.