80 years of manufacturing and research

The origin of our company is a patent registered by Commander Walter Douglas La Mont in 1920 in the US. His forced circulation boilers with pump driven evaporator loop quickly established itself and was built in Europe as well by 1928. In 1929 the "Gesellschaft für La Mont Kessel und Kraftwirtschaft m.b.H." was founded in Berlin, which became the "La Mont-Kessel GmbH & Co. KG" in 1938 and since 2013 the "La Mont GmbH".

Current research and development

By improving our technology ever more fields of application opened up. While in the beginning we only dealt with industrial steam and hot water generation, today our technology is used for energy recovery from waste materials, biomass, coals, oils and in mobile applications.

In 2003 we marketed ERK Tubes in close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Wildau. ERK Tubes is a heat exchanger tube fitted to the individual requirements, with possibilities for application are not even close to being fully utilised. By researching ever new patterns and evaluating diverse measuring and operation data we constantly improve the positive performance data at hand and open up new fields of application. To achieve this, we do our own research as well as participating in external research projects.


The boiler system of our partner ERK Eckrohrkessel in Berlin adds to our profile perfectly. Like us, ERK has a global network of partners in energy and process technology and universities. Further we cooperate with MiCryon, Eisenmann, the EMo network and the University of Applied Sciences Wildau in R&D, manufacturing and construction.

Tailored products by Engineering

We offer you the entire range of engineering services, because ERK Tubes application work best as one comprehensive application. We develop tailored products for every need in close coordination with our customers.


With our products we support our customer in their strive to utilise energy, material and costs as efficiently as possible.

Managing directors:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Hellwig
and Alexis Hellwig.